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Over 20 years of seriously good insurance

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It’s not just over 20 years of experience that we offer! Our partnerships with leading organisations, associations and events is testament to the high regard in which we are held in the markets that we operate in. We're proud to be working alongside each and every one of our partners as we continuously strive to enhance our customer service by providing specialist insurance for those serious about the things they love. Find out more about our partners below. 

Why choose Guardcover?

Household insurance may not provide the level of cover needed when you're serious about your hobbies, such as cover when away from the home, accidental damage whilst out and about or Public Liability protection. That’s where a specialist insurance provider can help. So whether you’re a pet owner, musician, cyclist, photographer or property owner, Guardcover want you to feel confident and reassured knowing that the things you love are protected no matter what happens.   

Over 20 years of Guardcover

Guardcover, from Thistle Insurance, is a leading brand of specialist leisure insurance focused on fulfilling the varied insurance needs of our customers. Since 1998, we've been there to protect:

As a specialist insurer, we know that standard insurance policies may not offer the peace of mind you need. That’s where Guardcover can help protect the things that matter to you. Whatever you’re serious about, we can help protect it.

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Whether your a pet owner, cyclist, photographer, golfer, musician, caravaner or have a property that needs insuring, you can find hints and tips, as well as a number of articles and guides that could be of interest to you!