Specifically tailored to insure unoccupied properties

Our unoccupied property insurance caters for most types of property whether it's a private house or flat, small commercial property, or even if it's just land you need to insure.

If a property you are responsible for is left unoccupied for more than 30 days, whether it's a gap in tenancy, being renovated, in probate or intestate, or even going through the conveyancing process, it''s likely that cover will be restricted on a standard home insurance policy.

Trying to find insurance cover for an unoccupied property can be a minefield of restrictive covers and a list of terms and conditions that you must undertake.

In most cases, our flexible policies:

> Remove the need for continual, documented visits to the property
> Can offer you a product without unnecessary terms to comply with
> Will look to accommodate many types of construction even where it is considered 'non-standard'

For us to be able to assess your risk and provide you with a bespoke quote, please fill out one of our forms below:

Our products

In an increasingly connected world there are more opportunities than ever to share, engage and indulge in our interests. Whether it's entering triathlons, playing gigs, owning a property portfolio, or on a golf or photography holiday - you can do more than ever. The more fulfilling and rewarding our interests become, the more expensive it tends to be to keep up.

The Guardcover range from Thistle Insurance Services is here to help provide the insurance you need for the things you're serious about.

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Residential Property

Many standard household policies restrict cover or even automatically ceases cover when a property becomes unoccupied. Guardcovers’ solution is wholly focussed on insuring empty properties and offering a product without unnecessary terms to comply with (in most cases). We’ve been insuring properties for over 20 years.


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We work alongside hundreds of Solicitors firms and a number of a Local Authorities and Charities each year, and have been insuring residential and commercial properties for them and their client for over 20 years.



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What does Guardcover unoccupied property insurance offer?

We have over 20 years' experience in providing this cover and have our experienced and supportive UK Customer Service Team ready to discuss your specific requirements and give you that extra peace of mind

Empty House Insurance calendar

Flexible policy terms

Cover that gives you the flexibility you need with policy terms of 1,3,6,9 or 12 months available

Vacant property inspections

No inspections

Where possible, our cover can exclude regular, documented property visits which other insurers can insist on

Unoccupied Property Maintenance

Non-standard construction

We understand that properties come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer cover for many non-standard construction types including timber-framed, pre-fabricated, flat-roof and other building types

empty home insurance

Variety of circumstances

We can cover most circumstances including properties going through probate, deputyship and power of attorney, extended holidays, secondments and buy to let gaps in residency

Securing an Unoccupied Property

Security discount

Our pricing for your unoccupied property insurance cover will automatically include a discount covering the different levels of security in operation at your property