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FAQs for Unoccupied Property Insurance

Find out below what our most frequently asked questions are:

What is unoccupied?

Our policy definition of unoccupied is:

Any building or portion of a building or an individual residential unit in a building that is;

No longer being lived in
Untenanted or between tenants
No longer used for the intended purpose
Undergoing minor or non-structural works
Subject to a repossession

Who is this cover aimed at?

Probate solicitors, deputies, attorneys, surveyors, conveyancers
Anyone with the responsibility for property under a sale, or purchase and/or any other legally binding agreement, where there is a period of unoccupancy
Family members where they have been appointed deputy or attorney for elderly, infirm or a disabled relative who has been taken into care

Do you cover properties in probate, trust or Power of Attorney that are still being lived in?

Yes, we can look to offer cover in certain circumstances. To find out more, please contact our customer service team on: 0800 316 9842

Do you offer short term cover periods?

Absolutely – you can choose from a range of policy periods, 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

What if the property is occupied?

That’s fine, cover is available for occupied property as well including contents cover in certain circumstances.

How quickly can I obtain cover?

Call our UK contact centre and in most cases, we will promptly provide cover including cover for theft, attempted theft, malicious damage and vandalism.

How much is the excess (amount I have to pay for in the event of a claim)?

The standard policy excess of £175 for all claims other than for subsidence claims, which is £1,000 per claim. For Public Liability claims, there is a £500 excess for third party property damage claims

In some cases, the standard excess of £175 will increase dependent on the location of your insured property, or if it's a commercial property. The full excess requirements will be made clear on your quote schedule before you purchase.

Excesses, terms and conditions and full details are available in the policy documentation.

Will the property need to be regularly inspected?

Most residential properties that have been unoccupied for less than 12 months don't have to be regularly inspected. However, we do have built in discounts which apply based on how often you visit and check in on the property. The more often you can commit to visiting the property, the higher the discount.

What about commercial properties that have been unoccupied for more than 12 months?

Properties with higher sums insured, commercial properties and properties that have been unoccupied for more than 12 months will require regular documented visitations. This will be dependent on the property itself and will be shown as an endorsement on the Schedule.

What types of cover can you provide?

Buildings and/or contents and Property Owners Liability cover.

What are the key benefits?

• Flexible policy terms of 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
• Full accidental damage.
• Storm, flood & escape of water cover as standard.
• The option of having cover free from any “Unoccupied warranties”; giving you and your clients extra peace of mind.
• No inspection requirements (where possible) at properties unoccupied for less than 12 months.
• Cover available for many non-standard construction types.
• Wide range of covers as standard, in most cases. 
• Security discount available.
• Contents cover also available whilst unoccupied alongside buildings cover.
• £5m Property Owners Liability included (£2m if insuring Land only).

Excesses, terms and conditions and full details are available in the policy documentation.