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Guardcover is a leading brand of specialist insurances, focussed on fulfilling the insurance needs of property owners, cyclists, musicians, photographers, golfers and pet owners since 1998. Brought to you by Thistle Insurance Services (part of the PIB Group plc).

We have built our reputation on understanding the needs of our customers to support the development of our product range whilst delivering great service to provide customers with the support they need through the insurance journey. Our in-depth knowledge of cycling, music, photography and pet care spans 20 years of serving the insurance requirements of thousands of keen amateurs, professionals and pet owners. So whatever you are serious about, we'll help protect it.

Our products

In an increasingly connected world there are more opportunities than ever to share, engage and indulge in our interests. Whether it’s entering sportives, playing gigs or on a golf or photography holiday – you can do more than ever. But the more fulfilling and rewarding our interests become, the more expensive it tends to be to keep up. When you can accumulate equipment and assets worth thousands of pounds, through doing what matters to you, standard policies just don't match up. You need insurance that goes beyond a regular household contents policy, you need specialist insurance form a provide which understands how much these things mean to you. The Guardcover range from Thistle Insurance Services is here to help provide the insurance cover you need for the things you're serious about. With the aim to help make our policies meet your complex needs, so you can rest assured that when buying a Guardcover product, you have access to seriously good insurance for the things you're serious about.

Wide lense shot of Mountain cyclist


Designed with the keen amateur cyclist in mind, whether you’re inspired by the superhuman efforts of Olympic cyclists, see cycling as an easy way to build exercise into your lifestyle or as an environmentally sound way to commute. Whatever the reason you turn to cycling, it’s important to make sure you’re protected. As no serious cyclist wants to put their future in the saddle at risk.

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Photo taken in low light


At photoGuard, we aim to give amateur and professional photographers the confidence that their kit will be insured, whether that be a single high end SLR right through to a small professional studio with lighting rigs. We understand that photography can quickly become a way of life, so having the reassurance that your kit is protected is vital.

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Guitarist in field at sunset


Whether you play in a band, orchestra or DJ on the weekends, being able to travel to gigs or concerts safe in the knowledge your kit is covered should a mishap occur on the way or at the venue is important. musicGuard understands that people who love music need a policy that is as serious about music as they are.

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Dog and Cat


Whether you’re a lifelong pet owner, care for a working dog or have just welcomed a new cat or dog into your home, having the cover you need in place will help give you peace of mind that your pet is covered for the unexpected.

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Golf swing


Find the cover you need for your golf equipment whether you’re playing in the UK or venturing overseas to enjoy a game in sunnier climes. Golfshield can help provide the cover you need, leaving you to concentrate on your game.

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Unoccupied House insurance

Unoccupied Property

Our unoccupied property insurance caters for most types of property whether it’s a residential home, small commercial property or just land you need to insure. Get in touch to see how we could help provide the protection you need.

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Our partners

It’s not just 20 years of experience that we offer, our partnerships with leading organisations, associations and events are testament to the high regard in which we are held in the markets in which we operate and we're proud to partner with each and every one. Find out more about our partners below.

Amateur Photographer Insurance

Amateur Photographer magazine is one of TI Media’s leading photographic brands, providing articles and advice for both amateur and professional photo-enthusiasts, which is why photoGuard is honored to have such a strong relationship with this brand

Wex Photo

Wex Photo Video helps over 800,000 photographers and videographers achieve their goals, with the largest range of any UK photo and video retailer. PhotoGuard is pleased to provide exclusive offers for Wex customers

Avid Pet Insurance

Avid has been supplying pet insurance microChips and scanners in the UK for over 25 years, helping to identify missing pets and return them home to their families. That’s why we’re pleased to work with Avid in providing a pet insurance product for their customers

The field

The Field magazine was founded in 1853 for those who love premier fieldsports and countryside activities, with unrivalled expertise in its market. That’s why petGuard is proud to work in conjunction with this long standing brand providing pet insurance for gun dog owners

Shooting Times is the UK’s leading weekly shooting magazine, covering disciplines from game shooting to gun dog content and everything in between. PetGuard is a proud partner of this country magazine.

Cycle scheme

Cyclescheme is the UK’s leading tax-free Cycle to Work provider; promoting fitness and wellbeing of UK employees. That’s why cycleGuard is pleased to be their chosen insurance partner